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The following privacy policy aims to give you an overview of the 3rd party services used by that collect your data. It's made to our best knowledge at the time of writing. For more concrete info and details you can follow the respective service's privacy policies and terms of use with the provided links.

This privacy policy only applies to and was only made with the online article service Viewout in mind, which can be found at and contains self-published articles. Subdomains of this website and other projects, also under the same or similar names, were not taken into consideration by this policy and are thus not covered by it.

Last updated: October 5, 2016 (2nd public version)

Google Analytics

Why: uses Google Analytics to get detailed insights about the performance of our content and about the audiences reached by us.

What: Google Analytics collects usage data and uses cookies to track you.

Who: Besides us, Google also uses this data itself for improving their services and personalizing ad content for you.

Options: Google offers more information in its own detailed privacy policy.

Google AdSense

Why: uses Google AdSense for the monetization of our content with ad banners.

What: Google AdSense and other 3rd party advertising networks collect usage data and use cookies to track you.

Who: Your data will be used by Google to improve and personalise their services and ad content for you. Moreover, there might also be 3rd party advertisers beyond Google that track you on this site to personalise ads for you in their networks.

Options: You can get to know more about Google AdSense and it's practices here and in Google's privacy policy. You can turn off personalised ads for your Google Account or for your browser in Google's Ads Settings. You can find out more about third party advertising networks and turn off cookies from many third party advertising networks here.


Why: uses Disqus for an easy and cross-site commenting experience.

What: Besides the data you actively enter and share, Disqus also tracks other data about your behavior on this website.

Who: Besides Disqus, who use the data to personalise their experience and ad content for you, Disqus might also share their tracked data with other business partners.

Options: You can find out more about the data collected by Disqus about you and how it's used in their Privacy Policy.

Social Plugins

Why: uses social plugins from Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for simple interaction with our content and an easy way to share our content on social networks.

What: The social plugins do track some ammount of user data even without you interacting with them for improving their services and personalising ad content for you.

Who: Twitter and Facebook might share their collected data with 3rd party advertisers.

Options: For more information about what data is collected by those services, how it's used and what your options are, read Facebook's, Twitter's, Google's and Reddit's privacy policies and find out more on their sites.

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